Defector: North Korean Commandos Ready to ‘Kidnap Americans’ (VIDEO)

The fat, little dictator has an evil plan in the event of greater tension with the U.S.

Sunday, in an interview with The Mail, Ung-gil Lee, a former North Korean special operator, and defector, said that if the U.S. attacks North Korea, “diplomats, tourists and foreign businessmen” in South Korea will be in jeopardy.

Fox News reports:

The defector said that as part of the 11th Storm Corps, he stole across the border into South Korea unnoticed, carrying both traditional weapons and nerve agents in what he called “suicide missions” to capture foreigners. He said that the 11th Storm Corps is only one of several units, ready to act, in the event of an attack by the U.S.

Michael Malice, an author familiar with the Hermit Kingdom, said, “North Korea has been kidnapping people for literally decades for various reasons . . . [They] also repeatedly send people to the south to assassinate various people.”


North Korea has kidnapped citizens from Japan, China, Thailand, Europe, and the Middle East, no U.S. citizens have ever been kidnapped, but detained U.S. citizens have been used as a political leveraging tool for Kim Jong Un’s government.

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