CNN Panelist Refers to POTUS Trump’s Cabinet as ‘A Bunch of Dead White Dudes’ (VIDEO)

CNN panelist Phil Mudd reacted to Ivanka Trump defending her father today in Germany by saying she can’t defend Trump when he has ‘a bunch of dead white dudes in his cabinet’.

Wow! So edgy!

Phil Mudd: “She’s gotta come up with a better answer. The answer can’t be he champions women’s rights when he makes fun of a woman’s face, and makes fun of her menstrual cycle, and he’s got a bunch of dead white dudes in the cabinet.”

A bunch of dead white dudes? Interesting how he had to bash white men in order to make his point. Imagine the outrage if a conservative said the same thing about any other race. It’s always okay to bash white people, especially white men these days.

What do people expect Ivanka Trump to do? Of course she’s going to defend her father. As usual, CNN peddles fake news with their white hating panelists and pundits.


VIDEO via the Daily Caller:

Some of the reactions from conservatives….

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