Caitlyn Jenner: I Voted for Trump, I am on the Republican, Conservative Side (Video)

Caitlyn Jenner was the top guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight the first night in his new time slot at 8 PM Eastern on FOX News Channel.

Caitlyn told Tucker she is on the conservative side and she voted for Donald Trump for president.

Tucker Carlson: One of the braver things you’ve done is voting for Trump while living in Malibu and telling about it. What did your neighbors and friends say?

Caitlyn Jenner: They were fine in Malibu with it but let’s put it this way, I never actually came out and outwardly supported Trump. The media did that for me. I’m on the Republican, conservative side. And he wound up being our candidate and so certainly I was going to vote for him.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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