BREAKING: North Korea’s Chubby Dictator Threatens to Blow Up USS Carl Vinson

Just in from The Sun:

DELUDED despot Kim Jong-un has threatened to blow a US Navy flagship out of the water with “a single missile” as an American war fleet sailed to the Korean peninsula. 

USS Carl Vinson joined the USS Michigan, a guided missile submarine, just hours after North Korea’s ballistic missile flop last night.

Squaring up to the trigger-happy dictator, the supercarrier riddled with jets and missiles quickly kicked off a joint drill with the South Korean Navy.

An American defence ministry spokesman said: “Immediately after the aircraft carrier arrived in the Sea of Japan, South Korea and the US strike forces launched a drill from 6pm Saturday.”

Hours earlier North launched a medium range ballistic missile despite Donald Trump warning of a “major, major conflict” if North Korea doesn’t fall into line.

But North Korea’s state media — a megaphone for tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un — said the its military is capable of sinking the aircraft carrier with a single strike.

This is really turning out to be a test of wills between President Donald Trump and the chubby dictator from North Korea. The United States, our partners in the region, South Korea and Japan, as well as China all agree that North Korea must be contained. Although the country has a notoriously high rate of missile launch failure, that by itself does not ensure that one might succeed, destroying American and our partners’ lives and property.

Here is the President’s last tweet on the subject:


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