BREAKING: Left-Wing Activist Rushes Marine Le Pen on Stage – Taken Down by Security (VIDEO)

A far-left idiot charged the stage and was promptly taken down by Marine Le Pen’s security. But had it been a violent attacker, Le Pen’s security would have failed her.

Monday, Marine Le Pen held a massive campaign rally in Paris wherein her safety was threatened by a left-wing activist who rushed the stage and was – at the time of being taken down by her security – inches away from the French presidential candidate.

The activist, disguised as a supporter carrying flowers, rushed the stage intent unknown. Le Pen’s security took far too long to react and had the event been more explicitly violent, Le Pen’s life could have been in danger.

With leftists growing more violent and aggressive in their approach, security units NEED to step up their game and protect their candidates. This is not a game. These lives are not to be gambled with.


Additional footage:

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