BREAKING: Israeli Warplanes Launch Missile Attack on Syria

A Syrian military source informed Sputnik of an attack by Israeli forces.

Sputnik reports:

“Enemy warplanes of Israel launched two missiles from the occupied territory [Golan Heights] at 18:45 [local time] on one of the positions of our army. It caused material damage,” the source told Sputnik.

Earlier, the IDF said that a projectile was launched from the Syrian territory and fell on the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights, causing no injuries. The Israeli military did not specify whether or not the shelling from the Syrian territory was deliberate or there was an accidental overflight of a projectile or mines through a dividing line. The troops have been searching the area.

Back in November, the IDF reported evidence that a missile launched from Syria hit in Israeli territory.

As Israel fights to defend itself from Islam and project freedom, they are attacked by bigots:

. . . in case he deletes it.

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