REPORT: Democrat Darling in Georgia House Special Election Runs Company That Funds Human Smuggling

Democrat Congressional Candidate and Georgia darling, Jon Ossoff paid human smugglers operating across Europe approximately $2,000.

Via Got News:

A film company managed by Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff paid human smugglers operating across Europe nearly $2,000. Ossoff came on as CEO of documentary production company Insight TWI in 2013. Insight TWI made 2006’s “Living With Illegals,” in which a documentary presenter repeatedly hands off company cash to sets of smugglers to make his way from Morocco to England along with waves of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

The film purported to help its audience understand the hardships endured by illegal immigrants flooding Europe, and, though it in no way glamorizes the journey, the 48-minute documentary is effectively a how-to guide for unlawful border-crossings.

Ossoff, a former Democratic congressional staffer, is slated to face ex-Georgia state secretary Karen Handel in a June 20 special election. That seat opened up after Republican Tom Price vacated it to become health and human services secretary. Ossoff has raised an astonishing $8.3 million, with 95 percent of his donors coming from outside of the Peach State.

The documentary “Living With Illegals,” a title conspicuously absent from the select filmography on Insight TWI’s website, was executive-produced by Ron McCullagh. McCullagh shares that same production credit with Ossoff on recent projects like 2016’s “Stacey on the Frontline: Girls, Guns and ISIS” and 2015’s “Justice!”

In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month, Ossoff, 30, discussed meeting McCullagh, a former BBC reporter, through mutual friends while Ossoff was still a teenager, saying, “I was just fascinated at that young age by [McCullagh’s] work—because journalism has always been an interest of mine.” Years later, McCullagh would successfully convince Ossoff to take helm of the company.

Ossoff further told the Journal-Constitution that, when he joined the film company, its record was one he could get behind. “I thought [my grandfather] would be proud for me to use some of those resources to invest in growing a company whose work I believed in,” said Ossoff.

Everyday we learn more and more about this young Democrat who was foisted onto Georgians by outside money. We also just reported that Ossoff didn’t vote in the 2012 election. He claims he couldn’t vote because he was abroad. Yeah ok, makes sense!


Someone who was involved in human smuggling shouldn’t be able to run for office, but since he’s a Democrat, this will probably get swept under the rug.



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