BREAKING: Cernovich Reports: Susan Rice Spied on Pro-Israel Activists (VIDEO)

Mike Cernovich, the go-to source for Rice-gate, has another revelation . . .


Wednesday, Mike Cernovich reported breaking news regarding Rice-gate and the growing surveillance scandal that occurred during the Obama administration:

During the negotiations that Obama had with Iran, the unmasking scandal reaches all the way to pro-Israel activists . . .

Cernovich first broke the story on Susan Rice earlier this week and the MSM and leftist media outlets have continued to suppress the story.

Beyond just covering it up since Cernovich broke the story, New York Times Maggie Haberman has been INSTRUMENTAL in keeping the story under wraps for the left. From Cernovich’s article on the Susan Rice story:

This reporter has been informed that Maggie Haberman has had this story about Susan Rice for at least 48 hours, and has chosen to sit on it in an effort to protect the reputation of former President Barack Obama.

Tablet has the full report on Obama spying on pro-Israel activists. You can read the full report here. Excerpt from Tablet:

This is what systematic abuse of foreign-intelligence collection for domestic political purposes looks like: Intelligence collected on Americans, lawmakers, and figures in the pro-Israel community was fed back to the Obama White House as part of its political operations. The administration got the drop on its opponents by using classified information, which it then used to draw up its own game plan to block and freeze those on the other side. And—with the help of certain journalists whose stories (and thus careers) depend on high-level access—terrorize them.

Once you understand how this may have worked, it becomes easier to comprehend why and how we keep being fed daily treats of Trump’s nefarious Russia ties. The issue this time isn’t Israel, but Russia, yet the basic contours may very well be the same.

In the follow-up Periscope Cernovich raises this important question:

Where’s Obama been for the past month now?


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