BREAKING: California Prosecutors Reduce Charges of Violent Illegal Immigrants to Keep Them Safe (VIDEO)

Real News Media’s Mike Cernovich’s latest scoop => “California Prosecutor Jeff Rosen Dismisses Felony Cases to Spare Criminals Deportation”.

The latest effort by California to undermine national security and the security of their respective citizens comes in the form of blatant abuse of power.

Mike Cernovich wrote on his Medium account:

If you’re a violent criminal in Northern California, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen has your back. Rosen has implemented a new office policy requiring prosecutors to “plead down” violent felony cases that may lead to a criminal being deported.

Under federal immigration law, an immigrant who has been convicted of a felony may face deportation proceedings. Activist prosecutors often offer criminals a reduced plea in order to keep the criminal in the country.

Cernovich spoke with Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars about this story:


“There is now an official policy – and I found out this goes up to the Governor, Jerry Brown – where if you’re a violent felon, but you could be deported, they will plead down your violent felon case to a misdemeanor . . .”

Illegal immigrants – violent, illegal immigrants are getting more attention and more protection than actual U.S. citizens. We are giving SO MUCH to people who don’t even deserve to be in this country in the first place. The most disgusting fact about all of this is that we are telling violent criminals that they won’t ever really have to pay for their crimes. The laws are being bent to accommodate disgusting individuals and no mainstream media outlet, nor the Democratic Party, will condemn this.

These aren’t Republicans pushing to keep illegal idiots in our country, it’s the Democrats.

When this country collapses because of the scum we let in, you’ll know who to thank.

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