AWFUL. Scammers Set Up Bogus GoFundMe Accounts to Raise Money Off of Horrific Cleveland Facebook Live Murder (VIDEO)

Cleveland officials held a press conference Monday morning after fugitive Steve Stephens shot an innocent senior citizen Robert Godwin in the head and broadcast the murder on Facebook Live on Sunday.

Stephens said he had already murdered 13 people and would kill more.

Stephens is still at large.


Police Chief Calvin Wiliams viewers during his nationally televised press conference to watch out for bogus GoFundMe accounts set up for the Godwin family.

Scammers are trying to raise money off of the tragedy.

Police Chief Williams: We’ve gotten word from Mr. Godwin’s family that there are several GoFundMe accounts set up not be the family.  So they are asking people not to contribute to any GoFundMe or any memorial account right now in Mr. Godwin’s name.

They are urging people not to donate to these fake accounts.

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