How ANTIFA Went from Laughing Stock to Militant Terrorists (VIDEO)

Punk rock, Noam Chomsky, Jane Fonda, and psychedelic ignorance, among many other things, has tainted the minds of hordes of college students and wannabe “progressives”.

These “progressives” eventually leak into the suburbs after quietly admitting defeat and getting a 9-to-5 or wither away into pathetic community organization, cuckolded by the repressive, regressive society they see around them. Because capitalism will not wipe their a$$ for them, the youth feel they must destroy it.

These children in Antifa, led by blind masters, think they hate capitalism. They frequently complain that businesses are evil and so they protest. In their protests, they ask for companies to act fair and kind, to respect women, to be equal in their treatment of employees. I do not think anyone would argue that equal treatment is wrong, their intentions are in some ways pure. These children in Antifa, led by blind masters, think they hate capitalism and big business, they do not, they hate “evil” businesses. They tweet their emotional cries for education while Twitter reflects on the $2.52 billion it made it in 2016. They feed the rich they think they despise.

Instead of starting their own businesses to beat the “evil” businesses, they complain, they trash the streets of their cities because coupled with their hatred of capitalism is a nihilistic, atheistic, anarchist education that they have picked up from teachers, universities, television, literature, cinema, and art. The rebellious mindset throughout the 20th century was rooted in anti-capitalism, Communism, and hyper-liberal ideology. A rebel was a political leftist.

The rebellious class of the 21st century is truly rebellious in that it is uniquely arbitrary – you can dress like a 60’s Berkeley liberal and be an economic nationalist who rejects the notion of open borders. A Communist is no longer something unique to be in college, neither is being a socialist or a liberal, in fact, it is very banal. The defining characteristic of Fonzie was his nonchalance and the defining characteristic of the hippie was their nonchalance and the defining characteristic of the grunge movement was the general nonchalance – Antifa fancy themselves unique, but they are nothing more than recycled ideas with mouths. Every Antifa member is a clone. They repeat the same lazy chants, they wear the same embarrassing black outfits, and they never question their professors.

Tommy Ciccotta, a writer covering economics and higher education at Breitbart, spoke to me recently about the violent, leftist ideology promoted at universities, “Many on the left consider violence committed in the name of social justice acceptable. Radicalism of this sort is quite common on college campuses. Texts like ‘Reflection on Violence’ by George Sorel, which are frequently assigned in liberal arts programs, normalize the idea that revolutionary violence committed for the purpose of moving towards a classless society should be encouraged and considered ethical.”

Rebel Media‘s Jack Posobiec breaks down what and who Antifa really is:

Antifa should not be a threatening force to anyone, and on the surface, they are laughable brats with no political common sense and are truly delusional in their perspective of the world, yet they have turned violent. Where these Antifa children wish to hinder free speech, the others wish to embolden free speech and communicate with the ignorant, and so Antifa greets them with weaponry and organized mob violence.

Now that Antifa has become a laughing stock, they have turned violent. Antifa has begun actively promoting violence: they sold knives online, they threw M-80s, bottles, and bricks in Berkeley, they whipped an individual in the head with a bike lock, and started fights at Auburn, they are violent criminals and domestic terrorists and something must be done about them.

Just like the kid who brings a gun to school and blames bullies for not respecting them, or taking them seriously, Antifa feels they need to prove themselves as “warriors”. Antifa is hopelessly corny.

“If you look at their propaganda, they think they won Berkeley,” Rebel Media’s D.C. Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec said to me recently regarding Antifa, he continued, “These largely suburban white kids have no idea what real combat is like and are going to continue LARPing until they go to jail, or worse.”

Antifa has gone from being a laughing stock to being a militant force. They are cowards who operate with a groupthink mentality and are led by the emotionally fragile and the intellectually vapid. Celebrity icons of Antifa are dried out rich white women and their message is one of anti-Americanism. The children who join Antifa have been herded like cattle by the liberal and globalist establishments for decades and the result is a proliferation of ignorance that will kill cultures.


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