Anti-Trump Junior High School Teacher Getting Heat for Wearing ‘Tuck Frump’ Jacket in Classroom

A West Virginia junior high school art teacher who makes clear to her students her anti-President Donald Trump views in class-time discussions is getting heat for being photographed wearing a profane anti-Trump message on a jacket in class.

Cheryl Judy, who teaches at Sherman Junior High School in the town of Seth located in Boone County wore a jacket that had letters that spelled “TUCK FRUMP” affixed to the back. The letters F-U-C-K were in white and the letters T-R-U-M-P were in black to make her word play and profanity crystal clear.

Chery Judy, wearing a teachers union t-shirt (AFT-WV), speaks to WSAZ-TV, screen image via WSAZ.

Judy has had the patch for a while. A photo was posted to her Twitter account on February 26.

Judy released a statement to WOWK-TV on the ‘TUCK FRUMP’ jacket.

Judy said in a statement to 13 News.

“First, yes, I did wear that jacket to school, sans the patch on the back. I took the patch with me so that I could pin it onto the jacket before I left school. This was on Thursday. Since I had a little time before school was out to pin the patch on the jacket, so I did. I tried it on to make sure that the patch was straight. I only had it on for less than two minutes. A like minded student snapped a photo and shared it on social media without my permission. This has gotten so blown out of proportion that it is unreal. I never intended for this to happen. I did not put the jacket back on and made sure that the patch was not exposed until I was well away from the school. People think that I flaunted the jacket at school. I did not. I am a very liberal person but I never force my liberalism on others and never would.”

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A video report by KOWK featured an interview with a student who said he would be suspended if he wore what Judy wore. The student, Braxton Harless, also said, “We talk about politics more in her (art) class than a lot of others. But I just know she does not support Trump whatsoever.”

KOWK reported local sentiment is that Judy should be reprimanded but not fired. WSAZ-TV reported some thought Judy should resign.

Judy’s statement to WSAZ was similar to her statement to KOWK.

“Judy confirmed to WSAZ’s Jatara McGee that she is the one in the photo, but says it does not show the whole story. She says she wore the jacket to school without the anti-Trump patch and pinned it on during school hours, trying it on for just two minutes to make sure the patch was on straight. She says in the short period of time she had the jacket on inside the classroom, a like-minded student snapped a picture and posted it to social media.

A community member re-posted the picture, and it has since been shared several thousand times on multiple platforms.

Judy says she did not “flaunt the jacket at school” and although she is liberal, would “never force her liberalism on others.”

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