Cernovich Was Right=> General McMaster Itching to Send 50,000 US Troops to Syria

It looks like Mike Cernovich may have been right once again!
US officials want to send troops to Syria

Following Mike Cernovich’s assertions earlier this week that General H. R. McMaster “wants 150,000 ground soldiers in Syria”, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, who is now notorious for verifying Cernovich’s mainstream-media-derided “conspiracy theories” (see the Susan Rice unmasking story), claims the U.S. is potentially about to send anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 ground troops to Syria. If Mike Cernovich is right, we could be looking at almost double, or triple that amount.

Per Lake’s Bloomberg piece:

Senior White House and administration officials tell me Trump’s national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster, has been quietly pressing his colleagues to question the underlying assumptions of a draft war plan against the Islamic State that would maintain only a light U.S. ground troop presence in Syria. McMaster’s critics inside the administration say he wants to send tens of thousands of ground troops to the Euphrates River Valley. His supporters insist he is only trying to facilitate a better interagency process to develop Trump’s new strategy to defeat the self-described caliphate that controls territory in Iraq and Syria.

Just to be perfectly clear, the U.S. has had ground troops (mostly special forces) in Syria since 2014 when Obama broke his promise of “no more boots on the ground”.

The stated goal by certain government officials would be to remove the Assad regime entirely and hopefully create a level of instability in the area – this is something that has been echoed by both Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

It looks like the potential threat of a proxy war in Syria continues to escalate.
This is something President Trump said would not happen.
This won’t go over well with his base.

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