A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN: President Trump To Finally Resolve Growing N. Korea Threat

Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and all of their Democratic policies and positioning in with North Korea and their nuclear aspirations have been total failures . . . President Donald Trump is here to fix that.

On July 8th, 1994, Kim il-Sung died and power was ceded to his son Kim over a three year period in an effort to consolidate his power. Later in 1994, then-President Bill Clinton’s set forth a deal with Pyongyang that was known shorthand as the “Agreed Framework”. The deal was formulated to replace to North Korea’s nuclear power plant program with light water reactor power plants, which are more resistant to nuclear proliferation; on top of this, Clinton hoped to normalize the relationship with the DPRK. Via Lifezette

[…]On Oct. 18, 1994, Clinton approved a plan to arrange more than $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea over the course of a decade, in return for a commitment from the country’s Communist leadership to freeze and gradually dismantle its nuclear weapons development program, according to The New York Times.

With this deal Clinton hoped to “draw-in” North Korea to global community – this, of course, never happened. After all, what misbehaving child would start behaving better if you INCREASED their allowance? The hermit country became more hermetic, and after they pocketed our tax-payer funded financial aid, America’s relationship with North Korea swiftly deteriorated. Every time we attempt to accommodate North Korea (which historically tends to only happen under Democratic leadership in the U.S.), we end up losing mass sums of money and while we allow them to expand their tyrannical familial “leadership”.


Just like Barrack Obama’s botched deal with Iran, cutting deals with rogue or hostile nations can only lead to the empowerment of evil. North Korea is a prime example of that.

As far back as February 2, 1999, CIA Director George Tenet was warning the Senate Armed Services Committee that with a little bit more elbow grease and time North Korea would be capable of utilizing their Taepo Dong-1 to hit parts of Alaska and Hawaii.

Bill Clinton’s immense failures in regards to North Korea helped pave the way to the pussyfoot strategy of the Obama administration, which they claimed was based on “strategic patience”. Obama foolishly held tight to the idea that North Korea’s regime would collapse and in turn prevented any real discourse or intervention that would be necessary to thwart North Korea’s growing instability and threat. It is hard to say how this would have happened given China’s continued support of the dictatorship.

Democrats fail consistently at understanding the arrogance of the DPRK. Whenever we say to “unclench your first” they take it as the U.S. asking them to reach out and grovel, which obviously comes across as an insult and is an easy way to ensure relations grow more hostile. Via Arms Control:

Early in Obama’s term of office, North Korea displayed a uranium-enrichment program to complement its plutonium production. For ways to deliver nuclear weapons, it successfully tested submarine-launched systems; intermediate-range, road-mobile Musudan missiles; and satellite-launch rockets that employ technologies useful for intercontinental-range missiles. Nuclear armament became etched in the country’s constitution and posture. Pyongyang now insists it will never give up its nuclear-armed status. The six-party talks that once showed promise of a path to dismantling the nuclear program are dead, the parties not having met since before Obama took office.

Obama, just like Clinton before him, completely and utterly failed at making any reasonable progress when it came to North Korea. Finally, we have a new sheriff in town who is quickly realizing that the failure of previous Democratic presidencies has led to an escalation in terms of the threat North Korea poses.

President Trump is now flexing on the hermit kingdom. He bombed Syria – an ally of the DPRK – and followed through on his promise to “bomb the sh*t” out of ISIS by issuing a MOAB on ISIS controlled territory in Afghanistan as The Gateway Pundit has previously reported. In addition, our powerful armada is currently en route to the Korean peninsula which puts China (as well as the rest of the world) on notice that we will take care of Pyongyang ourselves if we must.

After decades of lackluster leadership that has given rise to international terror and expanding dictatorships that could have disastrous consequences for us here at home, it is a much-needed change of foreign policy pace to see a president finally take charge of these international threats both forcefully but pragmatically.

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