20 Tortured, Killed at Popular Muslim Shrine in Pakistan by ‘Faith Healer’ (VIDEO)

A Muslim faith healer reportedly drugged and killed 20 disciples at a popular shrine.

20 individuals are dead and four more are wounded (in critical condition) following their drugging and violent stabbing by a Muslim faith healer in Punjab, Pakistan at a Sufi shrine.

The victims, who were disciples of the healer, were said to be drugged via laced food, stripped naked, and then stabbed to death with a dagger and stick. The incident occurred at midnight between Saturday and Sunday.

A Breitbart post from April 3 gives more details:

The alleged perpetrator of the crime is the 50-year-old shrine custodian and faith healer Abdul Waheed, who confessed that he killed these people because he feared that they had come to kill him, according to regional police chief Zulfiqar Hameed.

“The suspect appears to be paranoid and psychotic, or it could be related to rivalry for the control of shrine,” Hameed said.

Despite being known for his erratic behavior, Waheed was popular as a healer.

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