WOW! Poll Reveals Trump Is Still More Popular Than Hillary Clinton

The Fake News media keeps claiming Trump’s approval ratings are “historically low”. However the polls tell a different story

A Recent Suffolk University poll shows Trump is considerably more popular than most other politicians, especially Hillary Clinton.

the poll conducted came back with results showing that: Hillary Clinton has just a 35% favorable rating against a 55% unfavorable rating. Trump’s much nearer to break-even — 45% favorable to 47% unfavorable.


While 88% of Democrats and 32% of independents liked Clinton in October, today those numbers are down to 74% and 25% , respectively.This could be because people are coming to there senses, our they just have no faith in the Democratic party anymore.

However the polls look a lot more optimistic for the President with 45% of voters expressing a favourable opinion of him.

So for anyone even thinking about a possible Clinton 2020 run-STOP NOW CAUSE SHE WILL LOOSE AGAIN.





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