Woman Says Gang Rape of 14 Year Old Girl Made Her a ‘Former Bleeding Heart Liberal’ (VIDEOS)

Montgomery, MD – A woman was interviewed at Rockville High School where a 14 year old girl was brutally gang raped by immigrants, one being here illegally. She said the incident changed her attitude.

It took an innocent girl being brutally raped by an illegal alien to wake up this liberal. Sad!

Concerned Grandmother: “Now I uh changed my position. I was against money..I thought the public schools should get all the dollars…now I’m thinking maybe people should be able to take their money and go to school wherever they want because this changed my mind about a lot of my attitudes…

…you know as a former bleeding heart liberal…um yeah so I feel differently now”


Not everybody was shaken about this gang rape. The Superintendent of the school dug in his heels and worshiped the golden calf of liberalism calling the brutal rape an ‘event’ and said, ‘We’re not going to let this change how we feel about immigrants’.




This high school had a bathroom that locked from the inside and the school officials continued to grandstand claiming the school was secure…they danced around all the touch questions…

Videos are from Jack Posobiec’s Twitter account where he is reporting live from Rockville High School in MD.

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