Julian Assange Issues Warning to President Trump: Clinton Deep State Is Pushing a Mike Pence Coup

Wikileaks founder posted a series of tweets claiming the Clinton ‘Deep State’ is supporting a Pence takeover of the Trump White House.

According to Julian’s sources Hillary thinks Pence is predictable and therefore defeatable.

Later today Vice President Mike Pence responded to the allegations saying the rumors were “absurd” and “offensive.”


Conservative Treehouse says this is not a surprise at all.

While it might be disconcerting to see, on its face this is not a revelation. There is no surprise within a claim that various DC based interests would be much better positioned if a more traditional politician was occupying the White House.

President Trump has begun a deliberate process of deconstructing entire DC based institutions. You don’t remove a trillion dollars in spending from the budget, direct the State Department to anticipate a thirty percent decrease and simultaneously notify the U.N. they will lose 50% of their funding, without sending shock waves throughout the swamp.

And we all know Hillary Clinton is exponentially more favorable to the entrenched political systems within the globalist cabal inside the state department…. so, it is not really a revelation to discover the subjects within those institutions would be earnestly supporting any process that would eliminate the existential threat that is President Trump.

God protect our president!

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