Violent Rioters Torch Paris! – Mainstream Media Is AWOL (Video)

Massive riots broke out in Paris late Monday evening following a shooting.

A domestic disturbance call was placed to Paris police that resulted in a raid wherein a man armed with scissors was shot to death, French publication Le Figaro reports.

The unfortunate shooting of a violent suspect resulted in leftist radicals and dissidents to take to the streets of Paris’ 19th district late Monday evening. The rioters began burning vehiclesbecause violence is something you riot over.

Tommy Robinson, founder of the European Defence League (EDL), shared footage on Twitter:

As Robinson justly points out, mainstream media outlets neglect to inform the world about the rioters:

What began as a peaceful protest turned into a violent altercation with the police. Rocks were being thrown both at the officers and their vehicles by the protestors turned rioters. Aside from damage to police vehicles (one caught on fire after being hit by a projectile), officers at the scene were also injured.

Reportedly the man who was shot, Mr. Liu, rushed police with scissors when they opened the door of his home resulting in his death.

The riots that broke out in the wake of Mr. Liu’s death are only part of a growing problem both in France and Europe at large. The recent Westminster Bridge Islamic terror attack happened only last week and since then many other instances of chaos and violence have occurred throughout Europe and abroad.

What once was a beautiful continent is now a hotbed for contentious politics and organized violence.

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