Update: Jealous Glenn Beck Suspends Tomi Lahren Indefinitely

It is being reported that Tomi Lahren is permanently suspended from The Blaze following a suspension. 

The tension between Tomi Lahren and The Blaze founder, Glenn Beck has been building up over time, however; reports suggest that Tomi’s pro-choice stance on abortion is what caused her suspension and ultimately got her banned.

The Daily Caller reports:


Tomi Lahren, The Blaze TV host who once declared herself “too controversial” for Fox News, is back in the job market today. Page Six is reporting Lahren is “permanently banned” from The Blaze TV, where she hosted “Tomi,” a daily news talk show.

The departure does not come as a surprise to most media observers. Lahren, who boasts 4.2 million Facebook fans, was suspended all of last week for comments she made on The View, calling conservatives hypocrites for being for smaller government and pro-life.

Lahren has yet to make any public statements on the parting of ways, but after the story broke she tweeted, “Never do the envy, jealousy and insecure stuff. Be the hustler, the well-wisher, the go-getter. .”

Tomi Lahren has outgrown The Blaze. Glenn Beck is highly unpopular with conservatives because of his hatred for Donald Trump. Sure Tomi Lahren may have views that many conservatives disagree with, however; she also has views that resonate with a lot of different demographics so she will find a place to land soon.



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