Update: 4 Anti-Trump Antifa Thugs Arrested, Face Felony Charges (VIDEO)

Yesterday, several brawls broke out in Huntington Beach, CA after Anti-Trump Antifa thugs physically assaulted Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally. Several were detained and 4 are facing felony charges.

Trump supporters were punched and pepper sprayed. It’s about time these violent fascists are arrested and charged!

Fox News reporter: “At least 4 arrested and facing felony charges after several beach brawls break out in Huntington Beach.”

Jennifer Sterling is one of the event organizers and she was pepper sprayed by a violent leftist even after she called for a peaceful march. Yes, these vile leftists attacked a peaceful woman.

A 64 year old man was also interviewed and he said that he had never been to a protest or a march in his entire life. He was holding an American flag when a fascist thug punched him in the face for no reason.

This is the left, folks. I hope the judge throws the book at them!