Turkish Muslims Block Traffic, Terrify Passengers on a Bus in Amsterdam (VIDEO)

The Turks in the Netherlands started rioting after the Dutch government decided to block Turkey’s foreign minister from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. They are now blocking traffic and terrorizing passengers on a bus.

Dutch police have used water cannons to disperse rioters, but why aren’t they stopping these Turks from blocking traffic and terrorizing innocent people?

The first mistake the Netherlands made was letting hundreds of thousands of Turks in to set up shop. All you have to do is study the Ottoman Empire and the Armenian Genocide to know what the Muslim Turks are capable of. They aren’t in the Netherlands to assimilate; this is a caliphate. They raise the Turkish flag, bring their mores and demand the host country bow to Islam.


It is no surprise that Geert Wilders, founder and leader of the Party for Freedom has risen in popularity after running on a campaign promising to ‘de-Islamize’ the Netherlands.


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