Trump Blames Shortcomings Of Healthcare Bill On “Selfish”, Partisan Democrats

Trump Blames Shortcomings Of Healthcare Bill On “Selfish”, Partisan Democrats

Guest Post: Robyn Kenney

Tucker Carlson of Fox News sat down with President Trump on Wednesday night in Detroit, Michigan and had to answer tough questions about the Republican’s controversial new healthcare bill.

Republicans have promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, but politicians on both sides of the aisle have been critical about the shortcomings of the new Republican bill that Paul Ryan is defending.  


“Are you satisfied with the bill we’re now looking at, that Paul Ryan is pushing, is the best that Republicans can do after seven years of looking at it,” Carlson asked the President. 

“I think we’re gonna have negotiation,” Trump said. “But you have to understand […] We have a two vote margin. To get fifty-two people is very hard. If we had sixty [or so] votes we could do something differently.” 

Trump continued to blame Democrats for the failures of the new bill. “If I had the greatest bill in the history of the world, they would not vote for us – because they hate the Republicans, probably hate me – but they hate the Republicans so badly, that they can’t see straight. So they’re always gonna vote against us.”

Trump maintained that healthcare reform and negotiations would continue, eluding that the bill on the table right now will not be the final product.

During the interview Trump insisted that Democrats in Congress are acting selfishly in their objections towards new healthcare reform, saying that the partisan hatred had been “simmering for years.”

Trump was focused on outlining a three phase solution, emphasizing the third phase as the most significant because it will hopefully put bidding and competition back in play between insurance companies. 

“We will take care of our people, or I’m not signing it,” the President repeated twice. 

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