TGP Reporter Oliver Dollymore Was Trapped Inside UK Parliament — Here Are His Updates

The UK was hit with a serious terrorist attack on Wednesday. At least four people are dead including the terrorist.

The terrorist mowed down several pedestrians with his car nearby on Westminster Bridge then crashed into the parliament building.

Here is the first photo of the bearded terrorist.


The Gateway Pundit reporter Oliver Dollymore was trapped inside the British Parliament Building today after the terrorist attack near his residence.

Oliver sent us these updates:

3 PM Eastern: I’m currently in London being held up due to the terrorist attack.

I am half British and also live partly in Britian so I travel there a lot and unfortunately I left my laptop at the hotel so I won’t be able to post about the attack as police are saying we have to stay inside the Parliamentary building for the next few hours whilst things are getting sorted out.

4 PM Eastern: If you want some updates I can inform you that of the twenty people injured one man is paralyzed and four people have lost limbs, be it arms or legs. I have also found out that another man was put in a coma at the hospital.

These reports were relayed to us at the private press conference that was being held at parliament where everyone including myself was kept on hold.

5:00 PM Eastern: I live partly in London and where I live is near the parliament building so I was near the building when it happened.

When the attacks occured they rushed everyone nearby into the parliament building and kept us there for hours.

Whilst I was there a police officer came by a number of times to inform and update us and he relayed this information to us.

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