Over $50,000 Raised for ‘Based Stick Man’ Who Defended Trump Supporters at Berkeley Riots


On Saturday a Trump supporter dressed in black with a USA shield, a gas mask and a stick attended the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California to defend the Trump supporters.

“Based Stick Man” marched with the Trump supporters and when the violent Democrats began to riot Stick Man was there to defend the pro-Trump crowd.


When the violent far left mob attacked the Trump supporters “Stick Man” defended the protesters and beat the Communists with a stick.

“Stick Man” was then arrested for defending protesters from the Democrat mob.
Hat Tip Mike Cernovich

Based Stick Man was arrested by the Berkeley police for defending Trump supporters.
He goes to court on Tuesday.

WeSearchr launched a legal defense fund today for Based Stick Man.
The site has already raised $28,000.

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UPDATE— ‘Based Stick Man’ thanks his supporters.

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