SWEDEN: At Least 300 Islamic State Fighters Are Now Receiving Government Benefits

At least 300 Islamic State fighters are now receiving government benefits in Sweden.
SVT Nyheter reported (translated):

People who are planning terrorist trips leave fewer traces, it makes it difficult to predict who is planning a trip. In addition, according to a new report to grant cheat is great among travelers.

Characteristic of the Swedish travelers is that almost all the 300 individuals who report looked at received some form of government grants and that there is to have people in Sweden who handle mail and another to give the impression that the person is still in Sweden.

According to a new report made by the National Defence University on behalf of the FSA .

– It was not surprising, we have seen the same pattern in other countries. Most surprising was that almost all had it in any form. But it is about monitoring needs to work better. The problem is that there is too little follow-up, says Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher and one of those who wrote the report.

The report from the National Defence University covers the approximately 300 individuals from 2013 to 2016 traveled to Syria and Iraq to participate in the battles, such as the Islamic State.

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