Sometimes It’s the Reverse: False Flag Attacks Present Major Problem

Always quick to blame, always last to admit their failure. 

Guest Post by Carter 

Consumers of the mainstream media are too frequently presented with events described as racist that just so happen to be the reverse . . . By this, of course, we mean “false flag” attacks. For those of you who do not know what a false flag attack is, in layman’s terms, it’s an attack carried out by a person of a specific group or nation with the intention of making it appear as though an enemy of that group or nation committed the attack.


In the Trump-era, false flags are an all-too-frequent occurrence. 

More and more we find the left and mainstream sources jumping on narratives regarding anti-Semitic hate crimes and violent threats against ethnic minorities and institutions. More and more, however, we also find that these hate crimes are coming from within the leftist camp.

One of the more infamous and appalling of the recent false flag events occurred when dreadful “journalist” Juan Thompson was found to be the individual behind bomb threats to a Jewish community center. Thompson was a black liberal blowhard known for fabricating stories and was in fact fired from The Intercept for his behavior. It came as no surprise to those who do not forget previous false flag events and do not attempt to rationalize the behavior of the fabricators, but to the elite in the media it was a shocking revelation that they quickly allowed to be forgotten.

Thompson’s idiocy was always on full display, as is evidenced by this tweet currently pinned to his profile:

President Donald Trump had suggested that possibly the anti-Semitic hate crimes were committed to make him look bad, stating: “sometimes it’s the reverse”. He just happened to be right – yet again.

Despite President Trump’s condemnation of the acts nonetheless, the mainstream media decided to blast the President going so far as to connect his statements to the statements of white supremacist David Duke.

The rise of these false flag attacks and claims directly coincide with the rapid and exponential growth of politically correct culture and our hopes to not offend anyone – who would you blame for these attacks? Surely not the victims! 

Despite this, these stories are coming about just as frequently as police shootings of minorities but with far less national coverage by the mainstream media. Surely we remember the University of Louisiana student from Lafayette who blatantly made up a story of being attacked claiming her headscarf was ripped off – by a bigot no doubt! The police proved she lied. Her claims coincided with numerous other claims around the time of Trump’s electoral victory.

Do we remember the Greenville, Mississippi “Vote Trump” arson attack on an African-American church in December? Do you remember how that false flag attack went down? A black man named Andrew McClinton was arrested and found to be the arsonist.

The most recent false flag attack again revolves around anti-Semitic threats. This time, a 19-year-old Israeli man with dual U.S. citizenship was found to be the primary perpetrator behind a number of threats to Jewish community centers both in the U.S. and in other nations.

Perhaps we should keep in mind in the future that it might just be the reverse . . . In the meantime, we can let real news die in the darkness that is the mainstream media: 

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