Social Media Turmoil: Technofascism & the Slow Death of Free Speech

The left turned fascists and the right wants their rights.

Guest Post by Carter

Once upon a time the innovation and the fight for our rights to speak freely came from the progressives. In 1957 poet and anti-capitalist free speech activist Allen Ginsberg saw his groundbreaking work “Howl” at the center of an obscenity trial when the right attempted to restrict creative expression . . . It seems we have been taken back all the way to 1957 but now the tables have turned and the creativity and satire of the right are being shut down – welcome to 2017 and the slow death of free speech.    

Enter YouTube . . . After advertisers began losing their minds over their ads being shown on “extremist” videos, they called on the video hosting service to pull their ads from certain content. Just as you might have suspected, this meant a direct assault on rightwing vloggers and those deemed by the left as “fascists”, “Nazis” and “white supremacists”.

The definition of “extremism” being used here directly attacks individuals who in no way are preaching hate, individuals who are in no way “extremists”. Take, for example, Paul Joseph Watson. Watson is the Editor-at-Large at Infowars and covers much of the same topics as CNN and other media outlets such as NBC and MSNBC yet his personal account seems to be the target of this new brand of censorship.

 Watson is known for actively pointing out the hypocrisy of these institutions and has done a wonderful job granting his massive audience examples. Since this assault is not limited to YouTube and other Google products, Watson showed the world the duplicity of another tech giant – Facebook.

The website began implementing a “hate speech” tool wherein users can report instances of hate speech that might violate the company’s policies, but the accuracy and consistency seems to be missing, just take a look at this woman’s anti-white post – Facebook did not deem this hate speech. Go figure. 

Facebook is using “fact checkers” like Snopes – a left-aligned semi-truth propagator – to inform you of the validity or invalidity of links you attempt to post. It seems even down to the news you choose to share you are being told that you are wrong and that your ideas are wrong and that the ideas you agree with are wrong. 

Now even Instagram, Facebook’s adopted mess, is beginning to blur images that they feel are a bit too risqué or offensive promising a future where only bland, derivative individuals can post their mind-numbingly irrelevant pictures unhindered by anything too on the nose. Though the specifics of what Instagram is going to censor is still up in the air, the threat mirrors the same threat YouTube presented with their “restricted mode”.

This type of deliberate and targeted censorship is ruining the free exchange of ideas and the technofascism being employed by the Silicon Valley elite is going to drive their users away and drive our dialogue into the ground and out of sight.

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