SICK! Twitter Allows Graphic Assassinate Trump and Pence Account

Twitter is allowing, as of this writing, an account dedicated to assassinating President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that features as the header image a doctored photo showing Trump dead from gunshot wounds to the head and chest. The account also features photos of purported sniper rifles purchased with the claimed intent of killing Trump and Pence.

The Twitter account handle is “John Silva@JohnnyKing663“. The account was opened in January 2017 and has only eight tweets. The first one posted on February 27 reads, “#killtrump Doing it tonight!!!!”

On March 2 the account posted, “Just kidding. Doing it soon though!!!”

That was followed a few minutes later with a photo of two alleged sniper rifles with scopes mounted with the statement, “#AssassinateTrump. Just got me a new JP LRP-07 Long Range Precision sniper rifle off the Darknet. She’s beautiful.”

The photo was quickly followed with another photo of the rifles from a different perspective with the statement, “Best part……One for #killtrump and one for #killpence. Our country is about to get a whole lot more beautiful.”

A minute later a graphic statement of intent was posted, “With the color of @realDonaldTrump and @VP blood staining the concrete. Y’ALL READY!?!?! It’s coming soon.”

The account posted a reply to a commenter, stating, “@tashavanderbilt your point, exactly?!?!? What is there to report, it needs to be done and you know it!!!”

The account’s last post was Monday mid-day, “got my JP LRP-07. Got it hidden but the time is almost right.”, that was posted as a reply comment o the tweet about Trump and Pence’s blood “staining the concrete.”

The account claims to be based in Chandler, Arizona and posted one tweet claiming a location, “At Chandler-Gilbert Community College right now. Leavin’ at 12.”

Twitter keeps making announcementa regarding new policies and standards to make Twitter a better and safer online environment yet when it comes to accounts calling for the assassination of President Trump and Vice President Pence, Twitter allows the accounts to stand for over one week and counting.

Screen caps have been made:

The Secret Service was made aware of the threatening account and will be investigating.

UPDATE: TGP commenter “D_Allen” posted overnight that the photos of the rifles first appeared online four years ago, “Troll, hoax, or…..? Put ’em in cuffs and find out.
But that pic was posted four years ago here….…

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