Sessions’ Recusal in Russia Probe Leaves Obama Lackey in Charge of DOJ Witch Hunt

Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ recusal leaves any Justice Department investigation of alleged Russian election interference temporarily in the hands of a prosecutor promoted by Barack Obama. There is no such thing as coincidences in politics. 

CNBC reports:

Sessions on Thursday stepped aside from taking any role in federal inquiries into Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign, including whether officials or surrogates had improper contacts with the Russians. Sessions had a meeting last year in his office with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, which he said was unrelated to the campaign.

That means it’s the job of Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente to oversee any investigations related to the presidential campaigns by the FBI or Justice Department attorneys.

 Boente — whom Obama promoted to U.S. attorney in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2015 — would give up that authority when and if a permanent deputy is confirmed. The White House has nominated the U.S. attorney in Baltimore, Rod Rosenstein, a Republican veteran of George W. Bush’s administration, to the position. His confirmation hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.
It’s time to completely drain the swamp. It is taking way too long to confirm Trump’s people. The Democrats got shellacked in this last election, it’s time to start playing hardball with them. Republicans need to stop capitulating to the Democrats.

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