Senator Tom Cotton Points to Partisan Obama Officials in FBI as Intel Leakers (VIDEO)

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) joined Bill O’Reilly last night on The O’Reilly Factor.

Senator Cotton pointed to partisan political appointees in the FBI as the intelligence leakers.

Senator Tom Cotton: our inquiry and review on the Intelligence Committee is moving forward at a good pace. We just got access to a lot of very important documents that otherwise would be very closely restricted. Let me point out that it was the Trump administration that gave us that access not the Obama administration. So, so far the level of cooperation we’ve received has been very thorough…

Bill O’Reilly: I want to know who ordered the wiretap on the Russian ambassador that picked up General Flynn at, we think the Trump Tower, we’re not 100% sure. I want to know what agency authorized that. Do you know? Can you tell me tonight?

Senator Cotton: Bill I prefer not to speak about what surveilance orders may or may not have been in place because it is a classified matter.

Bill O’Reilly: Do you know who ordered it?

Senator Cotton: Bill as a member of the Intelligence Committee I am aware of and follow closely what the agencies do…

Bill O’Reilly: OK. You know who did it. OK. And I understand if it’s classified and you know President Trump could make it unclassified like that. Boom.

Senator Cotton: So the president does have that kind of declassification authority. I have suggested that some leaders of the intelligence community might want to make some kind of public statement. But I understand the reluctance of them and potentially President Trump as well. Because those kind of methods…

Bill O’Reilly: Now let me take the next step. You know who did it. What agency did it. So you know who had the transcript made of it. Because the agency who tapped had to make the transcript. Then the transcript is leaked. So you know which agency has to be investigated to find the leaker. Correct?

Senator Cotton: Bill, I make two points about that. First I’ve seen media reports suggested Obama officials intentionally spread intelligence information widely to include just raising it in meetings when it was inappropriate to do so. They claim it was trying to preserve intelligence. I suspect it was more likely they were trying to get it to leak. Secondly the FBI is not just a law enforcement service, it’s also our main counter-intelligence service. The FBI is part of the Department of Justice. The FBI until January 20th was run by Obama political appointees. And the mains consumer of intelligence is the White House and National Security Council. So you have many partisan Democrats who are receiving this information. And I think it there might be a good chance you want to look at some of those partisan Democrats who left office on January 20th and now are being identified as former US officials if you want to know where some of these leaks are coming from.

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