Sean Spicer on Fire! ‘There’s a Clearer Connection to Russia With Hillary Than There is Trump (VIDEO)

Sean Spicer was on a roll today! He spoke about Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Russia, including her hand in the sale of 1/5 of our Uranium.

Sean Spicer: “When you compare the two sides in terms of who’s actually engaging with Russia, trying to strengthen them, trying to interact with them, it is night and day with our actions and her (Hillary Clinton) actions and yet no one questioned what she was doing or how she was handling it…

When you talk about the stuff that went to their (Clinton’s) Foundation, the concerns that existed around the sale of 1/5 of the countries Uranium, the paid speeches, the personal calls from Vladimir Putin. I think that when you wanna look at a connection to Russia, there’s a clearer one there, and much less of one that ever existed on this side.”

Hillary Clinton was never questioned about her involvement with Russia even though 1/5 of our Uranium was sold to Russia under her watch and who could ever forget her disastrous ‘reset’ stunt? The ‘reset’ button for Russia actually said ‘overcharged’.


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