Saudi Prince Declares President Trump “True Friend of Muslims” – Supports Temporary Refugee Ban

President Donald Trump met with Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the White House on Wednesday.

President Trump broke protocol and had lunch with the Saudi Prince in the family hall.

After the Saudi Prince met with President Trump he called the president a “True friend of Muslims.” reported:


Following a successful meeting between Donald Trump and his senior advisor, the Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman described Trump as a “true friend of Muslims,” adding that he respects and supports Trump’s travel ban for people from seven terror prone Muslim majority countries.

The Prince’s senior advisor, who attended the White House on his behalf, said in a statement that the meeting was a “huge success” that marked a historic turning point in the bilateral relations [between the] two countries.”

On the subject of Trump’s proposed travel ban, which a federal judge in Hawaii blocked yesterday, the Prince argued that “the measure is a sovereign decision aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the United States of America.”

The statement added that Trump had expressed his “deep respect for the Religion of Islam”:

Prince Mohammed considers his Excellency [Trump] as a true friend of Muslims who will serve the Muslim World in an unimaginable manner, opposite to the negative portrait of his Excellency [Trump] that some have tried to promote whether through publishing unjust statements that are taken out of their context or by means of unrealistic media commentaries and analyses about his Excellency.

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