Liberal Media Now Spying on Trump Oval Office – Something They NEVER Did to Obama (Video)

CNN released video Sunday of President Trump speaking with top aides in the Oval Office last week after the liberal media assault on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The video clearly shows the media is spying on the Trump Oval Office — something that NEVER happened during the Obama years.

A White House “leaker” (or wiretap) told the liberal media about the Oval Office exchange.
The Daily Mail reported:


Footage has emerged of a heated row in the Oval Office on Friday that saw Donald Trump erupt into a ‘ballistic’ tirade against Steve Bannon and other senior advisors.

The president reportedly unleashed his anger on Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus for failing to fight off the firestorm surrounding attorney general Jeff Sessions’ recusal amid links to Russia.

A furious Trump told Bannon and Priebus they weren’t flying on Air Force One with him to Florida before reportedly storming out and heading down to Mar-a-Lago.

Now, video has emerged of what appears to be the exchange during the fiery meeting inside the Oval Office, CNN reports.

While it is not clear what the discussion was about, Bannon was filmed in an animated conversation and at one point was spotted waving his arms around.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer were spotted in the background of the footage.

Trump had accused his staff of fumbling the situations with Sessions after the attorney general recused himself from all FBI investigations regarding Russia on Thursday.

The president is said to have then taken it out on his senior staff the following day.

Sources said to CNN the Oval Office lecture had a ‘lot of expletives’ and that ‘nobody has seen him that upset’.

Just days after the furious row, Bannon was pictured on Sunday boarding Air Force One via a separate entrance to the president as they returned to Washington D.C.

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