Report: Trump Haunts Liberals in Their Dreams

Many conservatives believe that liberalism is a mental disorder and this report from Yahoo News confirms it. Trump is haunting liberals in their sleep, forcing them to turn to drugs and alcohol and even causing them to gain weight.


Yahoo News reports on some of the nightmares liberals are having:


Susan Rogers, a poet and attorney in California, is “hurtling through space with no direction” on a plane that, she discovers with horror, has no pilot.

Rachelle Pachtman, who does canine rescue on New York’s Upper West Side, is searching fruitlessly through her refrigerator for something to serve Michelle and Barack Obama, who have just happened to drop by for lunch.

And of course they have to have a story about a transgender in there because transgenders are at the top of the Marxist ladder right now but are in grave danger because Trump is coming for them…

Alicia Bowman, a journalist from East Penn, Pa., is racing frantically through a train that is heading the wrong way, flinging off her belongings so she can run faster, calling frantically for her son, who is transgender.

All of a sudden this woman is afraid her son and nephew will be sent to war even though Obama held a record for having been at war for everyday of his Presidency…

“I’m afraid my son and nephew will be sent to a war I don’t believe in,” says Linda Cliff Derbacher, a former neonatal nurse now living in Southern California.

And of course the gold medal goes to this hysterical lady who thinks after generations of her family being American citizens, she will be targeted because of her surname…

“I worry that even though my family members have been American citizens for generations we will be targeted … because of our surnames and our looks,” says Soraida Justiniano of Palm Harbor, Fla.

Apparently Trump has forced some liberals to turn to alcohol and drugs…

Of course, there are those who skip all of the above and go straight to the medicine or the liquor cabinet. Kasie Shiflett, a bartender and waitress at Dino’s Gourmet in Plattsburgh, N.Y., turns to Tylenol PM. Mary Molina, a retired clinical research assistant in Durham, N.C., rotates among bourbon, vodka, or melatonin, depending on the night.

“Medical marijuana and Glenfiddich,” quips Frederic Alan Maxwell, a researcher in Portland, Ore. “Plus nonmedical marijuana and Glenfiddich.”

And when author Cathryn Jakobson Ramin brought up her troubled sleep with her new internist the other day, she left the appointment with a prescription for Seroquel and a two-page handout about sleep that the doctor had “just written because so many of her patients had the same problem lately.”

This liberal lady can’t seem to put the fork down as she has resorted to ‘stress snacking’ because of Trump..I’m not tired of winning, folks!

Allison Slater Tate, for instance, is having no problem with shuteye in Orlando. Possibly because she’s been stress-snacking since Election night.

“I’ve gained the Trump 15, but I can sleep,” she says.

In reality, these liberals are having nightmares because of the hysterics and degenerates in the fake news media who constantly publish propaganda pieces. None of their fears are based on reality. This how liberalism works. It’s built on a foundation of lies, propped up by fake news with mutually accepted delusion.

Read about other nightmares liberals are having here.

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