REMEMBERING BREITBART: Filmmaker Releases Andrew’s Famous “War” Speech on Anniversary of His Death

Five years ago today, Andrew Breitbart collapsed on a Brentwood, Los Angeles sidewalk and died of massive heart failure. While he was taken from his family and this world far too soon, his memory and legacy are alive and well in America’s media and cultural landscape.

So much has happened in the five years since Andrew’s passing that it’s worth looking back on one of the moments that I believe galvanized the movement which eventually led to election of President Donald Trump.

The clip below is an excerpt from my documentary Hating Breitbart, filmed in Nashville, TN at the one and only National Tea Party Convention in February of 2010.

In this clip, Andrew declares war against the mainstream media on behalf of himself, James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, and every decent American member of the much maligned and nationally vilified Tea Party movement.

His comments were made in the wake of the institutional left’s dishonest “Fake News” coverage of the James O’Keefe & Hannah Giles undercover investigation into ACORN.

The journalism performed by O’Keefe, Giles and Breitbart was so devastating that ACORN lost all of its funding and was dissolved. Yet, the mainstream media not only failed to adequately investigate ACORN, they disgustingly investigated and attacked James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew had enough. America had enough. The war was on.

If Andrew’s words sound familiar, they should. President Trump dove head first into the surf of the same battle against a dishonest press, riding colossal waves of outrage all the way to the White House.

Yet too many in today’s media appear to have learned nothing in the 7 years since Andrew declared his war. Right now, this same dishonest media is in the process of attacking Trump supporters as racist. Sound familiar? This same media is also waging an all out campaign to discredit any prominent figures who supported Trump’s election, including this website, The Gateway Pundit.

They falsely label Jim Hoft and his site #FakeNews for nothing more than experiencing the same pitfalls of publishing every other news organization does.

The overwhelming majority of the posts at Gateway Pundit are deadly accurate and absolutely news. Just ask Van Jones if Gateway Pundit is Fake News. Occasionally a post will have to be corrected or removed…just like with any modern publication. But for this sin of having to make corrections HE ALONE is a purveyor of #FakeNews.

Don’t worry that this was the one and only publication to accurately predict within hours the exact date President Trump would win the Republican nomination, while everyone in mainstream media was still saying it couldn’t happen.

Don’t worry that the same media calling The Gateway Pundit fake news also spent much of 2015-16 pushing the race baiting Mike Brown narrative of Hands Up Don’t Shoot – despite the fact that President Obama’s own DOJ found no evidence Mike Brown ever had his hands up or said don’t shoot. To the contrary, the evidence shows Mike Brown was a violent aggressor who tragically lost his life due to his own unchecked aggression.

But The Gateway Pundit is fake news?

When will this arrogant leftist media apparatchik learn? America has had enough. The war is on.

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