Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ Gets Roasted on Twitter After Threatening Melania Trump

30 year old rapper, ‘Bow Wow’ formerly known as ‘Lil Bow Wow’ took to his Twitter account to threaten President Trump and the First Lady.

Apparently he was angry that Trump responded to the rap video Snoop Dogg produced. The rap video showed President Trump dressed as a clown smoking a joint as Snoop Dogg pointed a gun at him and shot him.

Rappers like Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow glorify violence, thuggery, drugs, and sexually abusing women. We won’t hear a word from the feminists after he threatened to ‘pimp out’ Melania Trump because the feminists only show outrage when a leftist woman is threatened or attacked.

Below is a screenshot from the Snoop Dogg rap video.

Some of the reactions on from people on Twitter…

Yours truly had to jump in there…OUCH that’s gonna leave a mark…





(Featured Photo taken from Bow Wow’s Twitter avatar)

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