Protesters Rally Outside Michigan High School to Support Persecuted Pro-Trump Students (Video)

Four Michigan high school students were suspended from Grand Rapids Christian High School on Friday for kneeling in front of a pro-immigration exhibit with Trump signs.

A teacher took the students signs and the four were later suspended.

A group of Trump supporters later rallied outside the high school in support of the suspended students.


Even in Christian schools you can’t support Trump – in a red state!
WZZM 13 reported:

A group of nine people gathered outside Grand Rapids Christian High School Friday to protest a decision made by school administrators to suspend four students who attempted to hold up signs supporting President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The 13 Watchdog team broke the news Thursday four local private school students were suspended for two days for their actions related to the paper signs.that said “Build The Wall” and “Trump” in response to a banner that was displayed in school titled “Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden”. One of the students is 18 years of age and the other three are 17.

Two of the students involved sat down with the 13 Watchdog team to explain why the situation happened last Friday March 3. The students told us they didn’t plan out the situation and didn’t want to cause any harm. They say they only wanted to make a statement to support President Trump’s mission to curb illegal immigration.

“We’re not trying to offend anybody or any immigrants,” one of the suspended students said.

The students who commented to us wanted to make clear to us that they were disappointed to hear the school’s top administrator indicate they were disciplined for being “verbally abusive”.

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