James O’Keefe Video: Union Official Admits to Hitting Children ‘Makes it Look Like an Accident’

San Francisco – Project Veritas has just released a new undercover video revealing a teachers union official in California admitting that he hit a child before, and got away with it. 

Last week James O’Keefe released an undercover video showing a teachers union lawyer who bragged about protecting a teacher who admittedly forced sex acts on underage male students at gunpoint. Now this…

Antonio Mankini, the Staff Organizer and Treasurer of the United Educators of San Fransisco, was caught in an undercover video:


“I can see grabbing a kid, I can see throwing a kid up against a locker. Not that I’ve ever done that, okay once, maybe twice.

The video shows two encounters between Mankini and Project Veritas journalists. The first encounter was recorded in November of 2015 by a journalist posing as the friend of a teacher who felt guilty because he had hit a student.

During the meeting, Mankini told the P.V. journalist that the teacher shouldn’t worry about getting caught because “there’s no evidence.”

Were there any witnesses? Just keep it that way. Seriously. If there weren’t any witnesses, it’s your word against the kid’s. Kids f*cking lie. Seriously.

“But if there were no witnesses, then you have that deniability and that’s something that could be used. No I didn’t do it. There’s no scars, marks, tattoos or bruises or anything. There’s no evidence.

“I mean, teachers have smacked kids before. And…sometimes they’re still working.

When the undercover P.V. journalist began to express guilt for hitting the student, Mankini walked it back a little…

PV: “Okay, but I think that I did cross the line probably. So maybe I should…”

Mankini: “It wasn’t a closed fist…you just kinda, kinda…[swats] dude you know.”

The undercover journalist then asked Mankini if the union has had experience with teachers hitting students, and what to expect.

I’ve seen it go away more than anything else. A lot of kids don’t come forward with it. It’s how they’re treated at home.”

Mankini then told the P.V. journalist that he knew the “right” way to hit a child.

“I spent 17 years working with law enforcement so I know ways to…It’s like I told them, I could hurt you and never leave a mark.

“Elbows are awesome weapons too. They are harder than a fist and yeah it’s intense stuff so…”

Finally, Mankini started singing like a canary about his own experience hitting a student:

“I clotheslined a kid in a class one time, you know and of course I was pretending, I was pointing at the kids and the kids saw the kid went down.

“I mean, he ran into my arm. He wasn’t supposed to be in my class and of course I caught him here and he went down backwards.

“And that one still bothered me. That one, yeah, because I crossed the line. I know, I mean, I made it look like an accident and all the witnesses would have said no he ran into my arm because he ran into me. I didn’t reach over to knock him down you know. He ran into me.”

This video is just a part of a series of videos that Project Veritas will be releasing exposing teachers unions across the country. We will be reporting on them as they are released.

VIDEO (Language and disturbing content):

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