POTUS Trump Slams the Failing New York Times: Coverage is Worse Since the Election

President Trump took a swipe at the leftist media today and specifically called out the failing New York Times for inaccurately covering his administration.

The fake news media is an extension of the Democrat party. Their only job is to push the Russian hoax story and carry the water for the desperate Deep State operatives trying to hold onto power.

Earlier today, TGP reported on a New York Times reporter who attacked Trump when a gold Easter egg was revealed for the annual White House Easter egg roll. Trump’s and First Lady, Melania’s signatures were embossed on it. The New York Times reporter took a jab at the gold eggs as if POTUS Trump somehow demanded a gold Easter egg.

It turns out that former President Obama had a gold Easter egg too. Shame on you, New York Times for your biased and inaccurate reporting (AGAIN).