Portland to Put Homeless People in Homeowners’ Backyards

The Democrat utopia of Portland, Oregon is facing an intractable homeless problem. The government is looking to solve the homelessness by offering tiny, government-constructed modular units in the backyards of willing homeowners. 

According to Daily Mail:

Portland officials are looking for four backyards to place its Accessory Dwelling Units, what some people may call a granny flat, or a tiny home minus wheels.

Under the pilot program taking effect this summer, the homeowners will take over the heated, fully plumbed tiny houses in five years and can use them for rental income.

The project, called A Place for You, is believed to be the first in the nation to recruit stable residents to address a homeless crisis that’s gotten so bad the city last year declared a state of emergency and made it legal to sleep on the street.

Residents just passed a $260 million housing bond, but it will be two years before those units are ready, said Mary Li, director of Multnomah County’s new Idea Lab, which developed the concept.

About 200 homeowners have signed up to learn more after Multnomah County’s project was first made public this week by the city’s alternative weekly paper.

Another brilliant idea by the Democrats who have utterly destroyed Oregon! Oregon used to have a flourishing timber industry until the liberals from San Francisco traveled up there and infected the place. Follow the money trail on this project. This is just another expensive experiment by liberals that will end up making the situation worse while lining the pockets of government insiders.


Putting homeless people inside neighborhoods of functioning, working, tax paying people makes so much sense. I’m sure the housing prices won’t be affected by this at all. Can you imagine trying to sell your house while your neighborhood is filled with homeless people living in the backyards?

Read about the rest of this Democrat money pit here.

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