Police Investigating Series of Acid Attacks in Merkel’s Germany

Germany, a country of 80 million, received over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel expected another million migrants in 2016.

Now this…
German police are investigating a series of acid attacks in Berlin, Germany.
Deutsche Welle reported:

Five women in three months have been attacked with burning liquids and all of them have sought medical treatment. The latest attack happened on a small street near a nightlife district.

Berlin police are investigating a series of acid attacks on women in the past months, they announced on Tuesday.

Late Monday night a cyclist sprayed a 27-year-old woman in Friedrichshain with what the fire brigade suspected was acid. If proven it would be the fifth case of its kind in the past few months.

The fire brigade treated the woman, who then went to hospital with injuries to her face. The unknown cyclist escaped.

Local media reported the fire brigade had to neutralize acid, which had splashed on nearby cars during the attack.

Police released a statement saying the woman was attacked while walking along Jungstrasse. She could only describe the attacker as wearing dark clothes.

It’s not just acid attacks are on the rise in Germany.
Officials put together a map of all of the rapes, homicides, assaults, terror attacks, swimming pool assaults, robberies by migrants to Germany in 2016.


Purple balloons: Sexual assaults
Pink balloons: Rape and attempted rape
Red balloons: Robbery and theft
Green balloons: Riots and intimidation
Blue balloons: Criminal assault
Red flames: Arson
Yellow triangle: Terrorist attacks
Black balloons: Homicide and attempted homicide
Green rectangle: Sexual assaults in public swimming pools

Democrats want to bring that to the United States.

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