Obamacare Architect: “Obamacare is Doing Quite Well, Better Than Anyone Expected” (VIDEO)

Wow! What a nutcase!
Ezekiel Emanuel went of FOX Business Network to promote the dying Obamacare plan on Friday morning.
Emanuel said Obamacare is working an costs are moderating.

Ezekiel Emanuel: Obamacare is doing quite well, better than anyone expected.”

Democrats lied for years about how Obamacare would save you money and not affect your health care choices.

Obama famously told Americans, “You can keep your plan if you like your plan.”
That was probably the most memorable line of his presidency – and it was a bald faced lie.

In October we learned premiums would increase an average of 22% this year.

Here are the average increase in premiums in battleground statesin 2017.

Ohio: 13.12% increase
Florida: 17.40% increase
Pennsylvania: 32.5% increase
Nevada: 11.74% increase
Maine: 21.24% increase
New Hampshire: 12.44% increase
Virginia: 21.68% increase
North Carolina: 24.30% increase
Iowa: 20.46% increase
Michigan: 16.06% increase
Wisconsin: 20.39% increase

Even Bill Clinton admitted Obamacare was a disaster.

But Zeke Emanuel says it’s working.

What nonsense.

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