New York Politician: Maybe Preet Was Fired Because He Didn’t Indict de Blasio Fast Enough (VIDEO)

Former NYPD Detective and 2017 Mayoral candidate for NYC, Bo Dietl appeared on Fox with his opinion on why U.S. Attorney, Preet was fired yesterday. ‘Could it be that Preet wasn’t fast enough in his indictment of de Blasio’s pay-to-play?’

Bo Dietl: “…With that said, this is not an unusual event (firing U.S. attorneys) this is something that occurred with Clinton, with Janet Reno you know they just switch it right over.

Could it be maybe that Preet wasn’t fast enough in indicting de Blasio for his pay-to-play? That could be it! So I welcome the new Attorney General and maybe they’ll follow through with the evidence at hand and do the indictment that’s supposed to be there for illegal campaign contributions…

…All the evidence is there. It’s all pay for play….I think it will be time for a good United States attorney to put some handcuffs on him.”



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