National Medal of Honor Day – Interview With Kyle Carpenter Who Heroically Jumped in Front of a Grenade (VIDEO)

Kyle Carpenter received a medal of honor (the highest military honor) after he jumped in front of a grenade while he was in Afghanistan to shield his fellow Marine from the blast. He did an interview with Fox & Friends for National Medal of Honor Day. 

“It’s a very, very difficult and heavy medal to wear.”

This story is just amazing!


Kyle Carpenter: “Myself and my fellow Marines were in a small mud hut outpost in Southern Afghanistan. A daylight attack was initiated and uh I only uh only remember the few seconds after I was hit. Uh I felt myself bleeding out. I thought about my family. I said a quick prayer and very quickly came to grips with reality that I was not gonna wake up and I did 5 weeks later credited to my incredible medical staff at Walter Reid.”

Fox News: “You in a split second made the decision to jump in front of a grenade to save a fellow Marine. Is that instinct? Or what makes a man do that?”

Kyle Carpenter: “Well I don’t recommend it but uh you know the Marine Corp as a whole is just incredible and so amazing and they instill into us to look out for each other and to truly care about each other and to put yourself behind others….”

Kyle Carpenter is the definition of valor. He suffered severed injuries to his face and body including the loss of his right eye. He was actually pronounced dead at one point during his recovery and fought for his life. What an honor to have such a heroic man like him to have served our country. We have such incredible vets!


More more about Kyle Carpenter and his service here.


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