Muslims Celebrated in the Wake of Recent London Terror Attack (VIDEO)

B-B-But not all Muslims!

Guest Post by Carter 

March 22nd, 2017 will go down as yet another in a string of radical Islamic terrorist attacks. Europe has been a hotbed of chaos and turmoil as Muslim refugees and immigrants flood in from the Middle East, their motivations and their intended roles in their new communities go completely unquestioned for fear of being politically incorrect or offensive. For every individual branded a xenophobe, another potential threat goes unchecked and the liberal-dominated mainstream media continues to brush off these attacks as inconsistent with Islam.

Muslims all over the world celebrated in the wake of the recent London terror attack, Infowars’ own Paul Joseph Watson reported on March 23rd, sharing his findings everywhere he could:


“A screenshot from France 24 Arabic’s live video feed shows Muslim viewers reacting to the rampage with smiley faces and thumbs up.” The horrendous and reprehensible behavior of the Muslim individuals watching the video feed went completely unnoticed on the global stage with the media instead allowing British Prime Minister Theresa May a platform to diminish the relevancy of descriptors like “Islamic terrorist” when describing the attacker.

 May had said, regarding the events, that it is “wrong” to describe the Parliament via Westminster Bridge attack as an act of “Islamic terror” and instead opted to call it “Islamist terrorism”, she went on to say that it was, “a perversion of a great faith,” despite the faith being rooted in the idea that you must conquer by the sword and die by the sword.

The only perversion going on regarding the recent Islamic terror attack came from the mainstream media who did not immediately condemn May and others who played apologists to the self-radicalized jihadist agent who claimed the lives of numerous citizens from numerous Western nations.

The name of the radical Muslim terrorist is Khalid Masood and he received ample support from the Islamic community for his acts on Wednesday with individuals commenting on the live video feed: “God curse the infidels,” and “That’s how the lone wolves of Allah operate,” per Watson’s March 23rd article PROOF: Muslims Celebrated Terror Attack in London.

Westerners watching Al Jazeera responded in disgust, shock, and confusion as words of approval for the violence poured out. One Twitter user, Aldo Sterone, wrote: “I am watching al Jazeera live. You wouldn’t believe the number of likes, ‘well done’ and ‘allahu akbar’.”

Despite the obvious negative implication of claiming this was an attack supported by all Muslims, it must be stated that many would condemn the violence as counterintuitive to the message of their faith, but when your religion is the product of a child rapist and purveyor of violence, such as Islam, it can be difficult to dissociate entirely. The call should go out to Muslims to show your solidarity with your European neighbors, condemn the terror committed by the radical Islamists and prove your religion is a religion of peace and not a faith hijacked by fascist regimes hiding behind religious freedoms.

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