Muslim Woman Prays Inside of McDonald’s – Scares Children at Playground (VIDEO)

A Muslim woman decided she was going to get on all fours and pray right in the middle of McDonald’s next to the playground. 

She’s actually intimidating the children not only because of how she is dressed and what she is doing, but she is also blocking the slide. Creepy!

Of course this is just a dominance play. Muslims are allowed to make up for prayers later in the day if they are unable to perform the necessary washing and prayer during the day. This is what Muslims do in non-Muslim countries to show that they are dominant and to let the host country know that Sharia law will eventually be taking over their land.

Muslims are coming out by the hundreds if not thousands now for every protest in the West doing a loud Arab call to prayer and kneeling in public places. Westerners need to wake up to what is happening.

This video was taken from Vidmax and is reported to have taken place in Quebec, Canada.

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