MSNBC’S Chris Matthews Slams Trump, Praises Merkel As “BEST LEADER IN THE WORLD”

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” anchor Chris Matthews literally said “Angela Merkel is the best leader in the world”.

Yes you are not mistaken. The liberal lunacy is still served in healthy heaps on MSNBC these days.

These comments from Mathews came after Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Trump on Friday. During this meeting there seemed to be an odd moment where Trump refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand. This then of course led to an outcry from the left with one CNN host describing it as a “disrespectful act of hate”.

Breitbart Reports

After playing a montage of Trump criticizing Merkel, Matthews asked, “Well, the joint press conference between the two was a stark contrast in leadership, and left you wondering who was the adult in the room, not wondering for long.”

What some of these people do not understand though is that this is the same woman who attacked Donald Trump on his temporary refugee ban back in January.

So at the end of the day why should he shake her hand?

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