Maxine Waters Tells Donald Trump to ‘Get Ready For Impeachment’ (AGAIN)

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters once again made a strong case for term limits after she took to her Twitter account to ‘warn’ Donald Trump to ‘Get ready for impeachment’.

This isn’t the first time Maxine Waters has called for Donald Trump’s impeachment and when she is asked on what grounds, she can’t even make a cogent point. She keeps bringing up the bogus Russian conspiracy theory with no evidence to back it up.

She even went on a tirade calling the Trump administration a bunch of scumbags when she appeared on MSNBC. Or how can we ever forget when she said that Putin invaded Korea…you mean Crimea, genius?

Maxine Waters, it’s time to retire after a lifetime of living off of the largess of the taxpayers. You should be at home in a rocking chair knitting blankets and playing Sudoku.

And she called President Trump a liar…


And Russia Russia Russia!

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