Lee Stranahan: Multiple Witnesses Confirm TGP’s Lucian Wintrich Was Accosted in White House Press Room (VIDEO)

Washington D.C. – Breitbart Investigative reporter, Lee Stranahan was in the White House press room when Lucian Wintrich was accosted by Fox New Radio’s, Jon Decker.

Stranahan spoke with multiple witnesses who confirmed that Lucian Wintrich was accosted.

On Friday Jon Decker from FOX News Radio accosted The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich.
Then Decker started reportedly “screaming” and pointing that Lucian is a “Nazi” and The Gateway Pundit is a “white supremacist” website!


Lee Stranahan: “Multiple people told me he approached Lucian and started calling him a Nazi and says he works for a white supremacist. Lucian’s a reporter for Gateway Pundit, run by Jim Hoft, a gay conservative. Not a white supremacist, not a white supremacist website.

What is true is that Decker accosted him, now here’s my opinion on that. It’s completely inappropriate…I didn’t see it myself but I talked to multiple people who did… Decker is a Fox News Radio reporter. It’s completely inappropriate

Lucian claims that he was assaulted and grabbed by Decker. I have not been able to confirm that independently. I have been able to confirm that there was some physical contact. I’m not going to get into the degree of physical contact…”

I guess Decker should be reprimanded or something like that…probably not let back in. If they want to give me his seat that’s ok but they’ll probably give it to Lucian. They should apologize, they should apologize. It’s serious, it’s serious.”



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